You are a foreigner in Germany? You have started a new life here and are struggling with the culture?

You are looking for counseling in English?

Then I might be the right person for you to contact. I am German, but I also lived in the US for year and studied Psychology there, so I am able to conduct my counseling sessions in English.

I also traveled to India over 10 times and many other countries, so I am familier with cultural diversities.


Just contact me for a first session and we can see, how I can help you cope better with the challenges of living in a foreign country.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The base of my work are the concepts of Cognitive Beahavioural Therapy. The underlying are basically, that emotions and behaviours of a human being are a result of the experiences one has made in his past. 

Our appraisal of situations and persons depend very much, on what we have experienced before.

In counseling we work on permanently changing thought distortions and maladaptive behaviours to a non-disfunctional form.